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Built upon the technology-focused heritage of CASH Group (SEHK: 1049), CASH Algo Finance Group (CAFG) is a pioneer in quantitative finance and algo trading based in Hong Kong. CAFG marries expertise in financial markets with innovation in technology, engaging leading edge FinTech to create superior and sustainable value for investors. We launched our first algo trading strategy in 2009, and have since expanded into multiple strategies and tactics covering multiple markets. In 2017, we introduced quant funds to provide asset management services to institutional clients, funds and high-net-worth individuals.

As a pioneer in quantitative finance and algo trading in Asia, we understand the importance of a low-latency platform integrated with a robust real-time risk management system. In addition to serving existing strategies in multiple markets with our proprietary and scalable platform, CAFG is expanding the trading strategies to new markets with cutting-edge algorithmic technologies to optimise risk-adjusted returns across a broad range of asset classes.

We also provide an algo incubation service to assist algo traders, quant strategists, and academia who are dedicated to researching, developing, testing and launching their trading ideas. CAFG has established a proprietary one-stop platform for the entire investment lifecycle, supporting data analytics, strategy deployment, smart execution and robust risk management.

Our Vision

Re-define the financial market

  • The world’s leading innovative trading infrastructure
  • Across multiple channels, times zones and borders
  • Low latency, high resilience and security

Be the pioneer in quantitative finance & algo trading

  • Create value by providing tailor-made solution supported by our extensive algo trading experience
  • Leverage innovative ICT capabilities and a team of world-class professionals

Perform our social responsibilities

  • Educate and promote quantitative finance amongst students
  • Empower their career growth

Our Unique Strengths

As a first mover in the field, we have the unique strengths to combine the following key success factors:

Big Data Analytics

Better trading decisions can be brought as they are driven by mathematical / statistical models built upon big data analytics and thorough research on market behavior.

Low latency system

Timely reaction to market events faster than the competition increases profitability

Time Series Database

The time series database of CAFG supports the research & development, trading process and the post-trade analysis.

Real-Time Risk Management

Application of in-house risk monitoring interface and a centralised market/trading data analytics system help minimise risk around trading decisions. Our risk management mechanism includes both pre-trade controls and post-trade monitoring. Pre-trade controls are adopted in strategy development, trading execution and capital management, followed by immediate risk detection through post-trade monitoring.

Direct Access to World’s Major Exchanges

CAFG is the only FinTech house in Hong Kong which has direct access into the major exchanges in the world, including CME, Börse Frankfurt, SGX, HKEx, and SSE, bringing bigger profits to our clients with fast response to a wide range of markets.

Diversified media

CAFG has a versatile platform supporting various types of strategies to be adopted for different products.

Strategies: Statistical Arbitrage, Trend-following, Mean Reversion, Multi-factor model

Products: Futures, Options, ETF, Equities


We provide a Platform as a Service to incubate and co-develop new trading strategies with you. We welcome algo traders, quant strategists, and academia who want to research, develop, test, and launch their trading ideas. The platform will provide multi-asset class and exchange data for backtesting, simulator for paper trading, seed funding for pilot test and building track record on path to launching a hedge fund with you as the fund manager. We also provide all-round support from fund administration, marketing & distribution, legal & compliance, risk management, IT as well as company secretarial matters.

Co-operation with Universities
CFSG co-operates with universities from world's top-notched institutions including:

Inter-University Algo Trading Contest http://algocontest.cashalgo.com/index.html

Our One-Stop Algo Trading Solution

With our One-Stop Algo Trading Solution, we are committed to creating stable and sustainable investment returns for our clients.

1. Back Testing (Historical Data)

A simulation of trading strategy is done on relevant past data in order to gauge its effectiveness.

2. Paper Trade Testing (Real-Time Market Data Feed)

Real-time market data is used to test the effectiveness of the trading strategy.

3. Pilot Testing & Pre-production Risk Assessment

Pilot testing is a trial run of the trading process which can help catch potential problems. Pre-production Risk Assessment is conducted to identify any risks that could occur during the trading process.

4. Risk Controls

Risk controls are applied on different levels to minimize the risks.

Key Development

  • CASH Algo Trading Challenge 2023

  • Established CASH Multi Asset Fund SPC

  • Manage four quantitative private equity funds

  • Manage the first quantitative private equity fund

  • Obtained the asset management license from SFC

  • Research center set up at the Hong Kong Science Park

    Research & Development on one-stop trading solutions platform and a wide spectrum of trading strategies

  • CAFG, a pioneer in Asia, founded

    The first algo-trading strategy launched
    Expanded into global markets/products: equities, derivatives, commodities, index futures, currencies, etc.

  • Corporate mission of CASH Group (HKSE:1049) set to marry advanced technology with financial services


 Bankee Kwan, BBS, JP
  Chairman & CEO
 Jeffrey Kwan
  Executive Director
 Angela Wong
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
 Morton Cheung
  ED & CFO
 Alfred Ma
  Managing Director

Our Clients

Our clients are like-minded professional investors:

  • High Net Wealth Individuals
  • Endowment Fund investors
  • Pension Fund investors
  • Sovereign Fund investors

Together with our clients, we would achieve investment goals of:

  • Stable return
  • Rigorous risk control
  • Pension Fund investors
  • Strict Discipline

Our team and clients share the belief in rule-based methodologies, empowering mathematical and statistical models driven by advanced technology.



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We provide an algo incubation service to assist algo traders, quant strategists, and academia who want to research, develop, test and launch their trading ideas. We can help to develop and program the trading strategies, execute trades, provide funding, control risks, as well as supporting legal, operational and administrative matters.

For algo traders who have existing models, we can provide back-test and verification services to test out the models in other markets.

Co-operation with Universities

CAFG co-operates with colleges and universities from world’s top-notched institutions including:

  • Boston University
  • City University of Hong Kong
  • Columbia University
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Stanford University
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • The University of Hong Kong

(listed in alphabetical order)

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If you are interested in finding out more about our services, please contact us at:



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